Modified CP polymer and acrylic emulsion mixture paste for gap filling, repair and touch-up applications on interior / exterior walls and similar surfaces. It remains flexible after drying and does not shrink or crack on applied surface. Non-shrink and never cracking, very easy to use and to give a form on surface, sandable, remains flexible after cure, resistant to humidity and outdoor conditions, application is very fast, it can be overpainted with regular interior and exterior wall paints. Additionally; a perfect and easy to use product for joint filling and repair operations on EPS, XPS insulation systems. It is ideal for a fast and reliable repairment of small sized cracks and broken parts. It is very easy to get a smooth, flexible and non-shrink surface at the joints of gypsum, GRC, XPS, EPS, wood, paper and similar boards. Code Packaging Carton Quantitiy GA14 250gr 25 Pcs
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