HATKIM KIMYA SAN. VE DIS TIC. A.S. Chemical, cosmetics chemical, cosmetics chemicals, textile chemical, textile chemicals, paint chemical, paint chemicals, cleaning chemical
CARAN KIMYA SAN. TIC. LTD. STI. Adhesive Chemical, Construction Chemical, Chemical Agent, Corrugated Cardboard Chemical, Corrugated Starch, Dry Strength Polymer, Liquid Cationic Starch, Paper Chemical
STROTON YAPI KIMYASALLARI LTD. STI. Construction Chemical, Adhesive Mortar, Mortar, Repair Mortar, Grouting, Bitumen Primer, Primer, Insulation System
DGN GLOBAL KIMYA VE GIDA ITH. IHR. SAN. TIC. LTD. STI. Chemical, Cleaning Chemical, Detergent, Disinfectant Chemical, Biocidal Chemical, Antifoam, Antiseptic Hand Gel, Antiseptic

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As Liberta we manufacture and supply anticorrosions, organic anticorrosions, lime removers, rust removers, ph improvers, oxygen absorbents, chemicals, chemical materials, chemical products, slimicides, metal passivatings, antifreezes, biodispersants, antifoams, alkaline cleaners, pelletizers, precipitators, activators, biocides, antiodors, degasifiers, dedusters, anticorrosion, organic anticorrosion, lime remover, rust remover, ph improver, oxygen absorbent, chemical, chemical material, chemical product, slimicide, metal passivating, antifreeze, bio dispersant, antifoam, alkaline cleaner, pelletizer, precipitator, activator, biocide, antiodor, degasifier, deduster, water conditioning, emission conditioning, filtration, microfiltration, corasion inhibitors,biocids, antiscalant, pro-biofiltration, decoloraizing, emmission breaking, boiler water treatment chemicals, biofiltration... Liberta offers you optimum solutions with specific engineering, quality products, and right technical service. Operating since 2015, Liberta provides engineering solutions about industrial water conditioning, emission and emission renovation and water filtration with its 11 years experienced staff. Liberta is customer focused, intensive for products, brand, and technology; aiming perfect service on total quality, open minded, responsible for constantly development and society, increasing value for solution partners, innovative solution partner of you.
Mutkar is an Istanbul based company acting as the buying agent for large companies in Turkey. We offer procurement and factory representation services. We have teamed up with a number of reliable factories in China to directly represent them in Turkey and Europe. Therefore, we are in a position to provide a broad spectrum of products to these markets. Mutkar’s greatest strength lies with the strong and long-lasting ties it enjoys with reputable businesses throughout our market. Our relationship with these companies gives us the ability to create and develop new product lines as per their needs. Highly experienced and savvy professionals of Mutkar work collectively in Turkey, China and Europe to acquire numerous items with favorable terms. We strive to create a successful joint operation through efficient collaboration with our customers and suppliers for the benefit of all parties.
Caran Kimya is a leading Chemical Producer Company mainly for Pulp and Paper Industry. Together with the chemical production, our company is also given services to the related industries with its very well educated and experienced staffs since 2007. Caran Kimya has its own production facilities with a production capacity of 75.000 tons/yr, located in Bornova Izmir, and Tuzla Istanbul, Turkey. The new plant planned to start up by 2015 in Menemen Trade Free Zone, Izmir will have a production capacity of 23.000 tons/yr. Together with the Pulp and Paper Industry, Caran Kimya is also producing chemicals and given services to the Corrugated Board, Molded Pulp, Ecology & Environmental Control and Detergent industries. Dyestuffs, as of Basic and Direct dyes, Sizing Agents such as AKD, ASA and Emulsion types of resins, Retention and Drainage Polymers, Dry Strength Polymers, Starch, Carboxy Methyl Cellulose (CMC), Wet Strength Resins, Temporary Wet Strength Resins, Optical Brightening Agents, Defoamers, Dust Preventers, Deposit Control Agents, Broke Agents are belongs to our Production and/or service gum. Together with the chemicals, we also supply Laboratory Equipments for mainly Paper and Corrugating Industry, as well as Machinery, Equipments and Systems for Paper Industry. Together with our production, we also represent well known world class Chemical Producers, such as Cargill, Ugur Seluloz, Royce, Steiner, Lamberti, Mare, Contech, Lanxess and other local companies. In the mean time we also represent PMT Italy, as Paper Machinery Manufacturer, ST Maccihine, as manufacturer of Stock Preparation Equipments Simeoni S.r.l, Water Handling Company and TLS, Techlab Systems, Laboratory Equipments Manufacturing Company. Together with all our experienced staff, manufacturing facilities and well known representative groups, we are ready to serve to your needs.
DGN Global is a company that offers 15 years experience and business network at construction, chemistry, textile, automotive supplier sub-industry and FMCG sectors to create value for its Clients.Our company is headquartered in Istanbul and has important contacts in many world's regions and trade centers to provide the competitive prices and fast service in the retail sector of raw materials and consumables for Chemicals, Building Materials; textiles and accessories.Although it is a newly established company, it has well experience of foreign trade (both export and import) at Latin America, Germany, Turkey Republics, China and Africa.
As a key player in international trade for over 20 years, Hatkim Chemicals is involved in the import, export, storage and marketing of chemical products. Cosmetics, textile, paint, cleaning, plastic, packaging and agriculture are some of the markets that Hatkim Chemicals does business in. Hatkim Chemicals values quality and continuity of its products and services. Working in domestic (Turkey) and overseas markets and as being both exporter and importer, Hatkim Chemicals focuses on its customers demands and is always open to new requests, suggestions and business models. As a result, it holds a wide spectrum of customers in its portfolio; some even dating to the first day of the company. With the variety of the industries and the long term relationships, Hatkim Chemicals possesses deep knowledge and experience on diverse range of chemicals. Without compromising from trustworthiness and truthfulness, by placing emphasis on customer satisfaction, Hatkim Chemicals aims to expand its trade coverage and volume.
STROTON, founded in 2000; In addition to products providing high quality thermal insulation, it is the first and only modern facility of our country producing ICF housing system. STROTON, which is produced with high technology injection machines and molds and has many quality certificates and awards with its European standards products that meet different needs; It is the first company to obtain the CE certificate in the EPS thermal insulation industry by fulfilling all the conditions related to safety, health, environment and consumer protection.
We supply PPE products, Medical Isolation Gowns, coveralls, surgical masks, shoe covers, nurse caps,covid protection materials, also hospital textiles, Vitamins and supplements, private label production available. Auctiway International Supply has undertaken the business development mission in international markets with its accumulated experience, qualified workforce and existing foreign relations. In addition to its community products, the company brings together the products of many domestic producers to the world markets. We provide the most targeted and fastest way to reach the customer portfolio desired by businesses aiming to sell abroad, professionally tracking sales from A to Z, exporting products with guaranteed sales methods, researching products that are desired to be imported from abroad, preparing procedures and following up the business.
Grossmerk was founded in Istanbul with the experience of its founders in the sector since 2004 and has established the main brand “Globmann” which is advancing towards becoming a reliable brand in more than 20 countries. Grossmerk sets out with the principle of sustainable values, is climbing the ladder of success with its sales in automotive, construction and furniture sectors and strengthens its sales network with its business partners day by day. Without compromising on high quality product standards and technical knowledge, it produces healthy, reliable and fast communication solutions by producing solutions that meet the vision and expectations of business partners. Product dependability in different markets proves the high quality and more than 15 years of experience guarantees the highest quality…